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The following advice applies to my technique where I play percussion on guitar body, while playing octave melody with left hand and tapping funky basstones with my right.

Imagine you want to make both a melody tone and a bass tone at once - eg. right on the first beat. Then your left hand must make a slide in the melody line - as there's no right hand to hit the tone (it is tapping the bass tone at 6th string at the same time).

A couple of prerequisites can ensure that it sounds right:
1. Your LH (lefthand) thumb has to follow the position of the last sound to be ready to act as an anchor or a spring for the following slided sound - and give it volume and force.
2. Your LH fingers in the octave position has to be slightly bent to act as spring bow - and make the slide tone sound clear and powerful.
3. Right after the slide is made - start a powerful vibrato movement with you LH fingers to ensure the melodic accentuation and give the sound "its soul".