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Right hand

Fingers 2,3 and 4 should only be used on the corresponding strings - for fault-free fingerpicking.
Each finger plays not only conventional upstroke, but also downstrokes.

You can compare it with playing with 3 plectres - attached to each of the fingers 2, 3 and 4.
Finger 1 can be occasionally released from the place under the thumb to join the others, eg. playing a long melody line extending to the 4th or 5th string.

 Finger  (1) 2 3 4
 String - pos.1 (4) 3 2 1
 String - pos.2 (5) 4 3 2

Forehand - steady rotating back and forth for good slapping momentum 

Finger 1 - always placed just under the thumb - for funky 16th notes bass lines.

The fist and the fingers are controlled and adjusted by the following:
- slightly rotating the fist anti-clockwise
- compacting the fingers 3-2-1 more tightly together
- sliding the 1st finger further under the thumb

All fingers - incl. the thumb should be relaxed and feel heavy enough to be thrown down towards the strings - for punchy accentuated sound

Fingers 2-3-4 - add extra outwards momentum - for good accentuated downstroke and better tone. This will compensate for weaker muscle force - compared to upstroke.

Fingers 2-3-4 - stick together to create extra momentum.
It gives an extra feature, the ability to accentuate one of the notes in a chord by sliding one of the fingers out slightly - if you take a series of chords this sticking out finger will create a distinctive musical line.